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October 1 2014, 10:29AM CST

Marula Oil—The Secret Behind Therapeutic Curls

I've always felt good knowing that I was testing my strands with natural ingredients from good old Mother Earth rather than a chemical I can’t pronounce.  MORE

September 30 2014, 9:18AM CST

Must-Have Products for Jet-Setters

For all my wanderlusts out there, here are some must-haves for your travel life.  MORE

September 29 2014, 10:03AM CST

#HairBloggerProblems: 5 Reasons Bloggin' Ain't Easy

The natural hair blogging scene has seen an explosion over the past couple years, resulting in a whole new landscape of websites, forums, meet-ups, hair shows, videos, parties, cruises and more! What one sees on the surface is a polished image of perfected twist-outs and glamorous goodie bags. The truth is, however, that bloggin’ ain’t easy.  MORE

September 26 2014, 7:40AM CST

Nakeya Brown: Visualizing Black Beauty

Photographer Nakeya Brown’s series “The Refutation of ‘Good Hair’” is a sly, compelling visual conceptualization of “good hair” that forces the viewer to consider the ludicrousness of the divisive phrase – the starkly presented portraits include black women literally eating Kanekalon and hair wrapped around a fork in an otherwise standard place setting.  MORE

September 24 2014, 9:28AM CST

Five Steps To Flatten Your Stomach In 2 Weeks

Although we live in the time when waist cinchers reign supreme, and everyone would rather just go out and buy a garment to make sure they stay snatched—not everyone wants to feel physically restricted in the name of flatter belly.  MORE

September 23 2014, 8:18AM CST

How to Maintain Curl Moisture & Second-Day Hair!

If you’re ready to move past the first-day hair hump and get to the second-day hair your curls deserve, follow these steps.  MORE

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