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August 29 2014, 8:58AM CST

It’s Labor Day Weekend—Can You Wear White After The Holiday?

Growing up in the south, I was taught that Labor Day meant I couldn’t wear any more white—no more white shoes, dresses, pants, shorts, etc….  MORE

August 28 2014, 9:40AM CST

5 Beauty Products You Need for Fall

Yes, summer is coming to an end. We’re just as sad as you are. The long days and hot summer nights won’t be back again for another six months, but one thing we absolutely love about the changing seasons is all the new beauty products to add to our stash. Here’s five fall beauty must-haves:  MORE

August 27 2014, 8:42AM CST

Get Your Teeth Whiter, Naturally

Americans spend over $1.4 billion dollars in over-the-counter teeth-whitening products to achieve a lighter shade of their choppers. Here are three at-home ways to get a million-dollar smile for less than $10 bucks:  MORE

August 26 2014, 8:20AM CST

Transition Your Daytime Makeup Into Evening Makeup!

Let’s face it, depending on your career, you may not have much room to play up your daytime looks. It’s been a general consensus among most of my clients and women whom I’ve spoken with that their jobs and careers call for a more conservative look.  MORE

August 25 2014, 4:18PM CST

Eyebrows Are To Be Customized, Not Copied

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no cookie-cutter instructions to achieve the perfect eyebrow, mainly because all eyebrows are not created equal. First thing to remember when filling in and/or shaping eyebrows is that your eyebrow shape should complement the shape of your face...  MORE

August 21 2014, 8:22AM CST

School Principal Does The Big Chop!

Principal Monique Sloan shares her transitioning journey in the workplace.  MORE