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June 2 2015, 3:23PM CST

5 Beauty Benefits To Love By...

Ladies, did you know that lovemaking is proven to be one of the healthiest ways to improve your skin, nails, and hair?  MORE

June 1 2015, 10:54AM CST

How A Food Lover Lost Weight For The Summer Season

The hardest things about losing weight is making the decision to start; its a daily decision. It is eating oatmeal over a bagel or choosing a salad over a slice of pizza. Here are some truths about what I wanted in a healthy lifestyle that I turned into weight loss success.  MORE

May 29 2015, 9:13AM CST

5 Simple & Creative Summer Snack ideas

Enjoy these go-to snacks for the summertime that will keep you cool and hydrated!  MORE

May 28 2015, 12:01PM CST

5 Tips To Stay Healthy & Fit This Summer!

Warm summer weather is the perfect excuse to get your body looking vibrant so you can look great in that new bathing suit you’ve been dying to wear. Summer is also the time to take full advantage of all the delicious seasonal foods that are available. It’s a great time to build on some of your old goals, and create new ones along the way. Here are seven simple tips that will guide you through making healthier choices for the summer season!  MORE

May 27 2015, 9:49AM CST

Wash Away Your Shampoo Questions…

What’s the real difference in hydrating vs. clarifying or smoothing vs. dry? Time to understand what shampoos do, so you’re picking the best wash for your hair.  MORE

May 22 2015, 10:08AM CST

Celebrating Your Beauty!

Carol's Daughter Founder Lisa Price celebrates the changes happening in the world of beauty...  MORE