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October 5 2015, 9:01AM CST

Celebrity Stylist Takisha Gives Expert Advice On Pressing Hair Issues

Appropriately nicknamed a “hair goddess” by big-screen beauty Kerry Washington, Takisha Sturdivant-Drew has been in the business of hair for well more than a decade. Her hairstyles have glided through the pages of Ebony, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire, and Vanity Fair just to name a few. We conversed with her about the oldie but goodie press and curl.  MORE

October 2 2015, 9:17AM CST

5 Diet Fails & What I Learned From Then

Diet. It’s quite a loaded word; one that brings to my mind images of dinners of celery sticks [only], carefully measured handfuls of almonds and the misery of watching everybody else by you enjoy indulging in dessert after dinner.  MORE

September 28 2015, 8:48AM CST

Kim Fields Talks Motherhood, Hair, and Finding Balance

Tootie or Regine may be the first thing you think of when you hear the name Kim Fields, but we think enlightened soul, then funny. In between her delicious quotables and the gaggle of laughs, we were able to ask this noteworthy New Yorker about her natural hair journey, motherhood, and how she feels about reality television shows.  MORE

September 24 2015, 11:12AM CST

Brazil's Creme De La Creme

Introducing is introducing a new way to prep your hair for styling! It was discovered in Brazil and brought to you with love!  MORE

September 23 2015, 8:24AM CST

Curly Weaves Are In For Fall!

The reality is, most celebrities have natural hair. Celebrity stylists will tell you the majority of their clients are natural underneath their extensions. Extensions are great for celebrities because someone is constantly doing different things to their hair, which can cause damage.  MORE

September 21 2015, 9:40AM CST

The 101 on Snacking: Is it Healthy?

Americans are snacking more than ever. Is it a bad thing?  MORE