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July 31 2014, 9:30AM CST

3 Quick & Easy Natural Styles (From Real Women)

In a hair rut with no clue about how to style your transitioning locks today…or tomorrow? Take a cue from these naturalistas whose go-to ’dos, when they’ve hit a strand slump, are easy and compliment-worthy.  MORE

July 30 2014, 8:45AM CST

5 Must-Have Beauty Products to Speed Up Your Post-Workout Routine

Are you having a hard time staying fit and looking good after you hit the gym? Stocking your gym bag with a few essential items will help speed up your post-workout routine.  MORE

July 29 2014, 10:08AM CST

10 Beauty Products & Tools You Can Use In Multiple Ways

Here are some unexpected uses of beauty products that can help keep you from frequenting your local drugstore...  MORE

July 25 2014, 9:35PM CST

Lisa’s Family Vacation

I live in swimsuits, sarongs, Indian kurtas and cocoa butter. I spray on sandalwood, vanilla and Acqua di Sale every day. I adorn my body in beads, amber and shells, and I become one with the air, sand, water and sun.  MORE

July 23 2014, 11:32AM CST

Hair Vitamins & Hair Growth: Which Ones to Take and Why

Can vitamins make your hair grow? My goal is for this post to teach you how to find what is right for your body, begin to learn how to spot deficiencies, and how to help your body absorb vitamins correctly so that your investment pays off.  MORE

July 22 2014, 9:10AM CST

To Be Or Not To Be Gluten-Free…

Find out if this trendy diet is right for you or not...  MORE