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February 2 2015, 9:00AM CST

Twist it, Tuck It, Bun It: My 3 Favorite Protective Styles for the Winter

Winter is here and cold temperatures are upon us. For me this means it’s time for protective styles and delays of my washdays! My three go-to protective styles are twists, tuck and rolls, and buns. I often do them in that exact order to help my hairstyles last longer and to keep my hair moisturized.  MORE

September 25 2014, 10:24AM CST

3 Hairstyles in One Week!

Keisha is a naturally curly girl who loves different hairstyles that are easy to change throughout the week. Check out how she achieves these styles.  MORE

June 30 2014, 9:05AM CST

Let There Be Life—Revive Those Lifeless Curls

What's a girl to do when she wants to revitalize her curls and keep them healthy? Through trial and error, Lianne Farbes made some home remedies that have worked for her over the years.  MORE

May 12 2014, 8:59AM CST

Carol's Daughter Goes to Paris for the Natural Hair Show!

We’ve just come back from the Natural Hair Academy in Paris—and we had an AMAZING time! Carol's Daughter's incredible founder Lisa Price headed over there along with beauty vlogger Stephanie Lee (@beautybylee) and ran into fantastic ladies like Myleik of curlBOX, Meechy Monroe and her sister Vaughn, and René Daniella! We also saw some fantastic hairstyles, had plenty of smiles—and of course, enjoyed the absolute beauty of Paris! Check out the pics below to enjoy the worldwide beauty of gorge  MORE

April 8 2014, 8:39AM CST

5 Reasons To Condition Before You Cleanse

To most new naturals, the idea of applying conditioner before shampoo sounds absurd. It might seem counterintuitive, but there are clear and true advantages to conditioning your natural hair before you cleanse.  MORE

April 7 2014, 8:14AM CST

Hair Notes: 27 Extracts & Their Benefits

Nowadays, being a consumer for hair-care products oftentimes means you need a degree in chemistry, health sciences or the culinary arts. Use this cheat sheet to see which extracts you should start adding to your hair routine...  MORE