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FEATURES Jun 9 2012 11:53PM

Workout Tips to Maintain Transitioning and Natural Hair

by Diane Da Costa Curly Textured Expert & Author
Carol’s Daughter Brand Stylist

It's that time again, Ladies! You've started your exercise regimen to fit into that summer bikini and you’re on the express train to loosing those extra pounds. Are you wondering what and how you will control your hair with all those different textures? If you’re already natural or transitioning, you might find it challenging to preserve your glam-style during your daily workout. Don’t panic! I’ve come up with a few preventive and stylish techniques to assist you in your daily workout regimen. Try these simple tips to prevent frizz, puffy roots and out-of-control ’fros.

General Rules of Thumb for All Natural and Transitioning Textures:

1.   Wear a terry cloth headband around your forehead to catch all perspiration drippings from your forehead and hairline while you workout.

2.  Protect your hairline with Macadamia Hold and Control for smooth edges and Marguerite’s Magic for curly and coily textures before putting on your terry cloth headband. Apply just a fingertip amount to protect edges against salt and perspiration that can cause breaking hairlines.

3.  Always protect your tresses with a bandana scarf from environmental debris and from dirt collecting in your hair due to rolling on the floor during floor exercises and yoga workouts. These cotton scarves absorb perspiration and humidity and will protect from dirt and debris. Make sure only to wear bandana scarves during exercising and never sleep with the cotton bandana scarf during the night, as cotton is a natural rough fiber and can cause friction with hair causing your hair strands to tear, pull and break, especially at the weakest point.

4. If you work out frequently, co-wash once or twice in-between weekly shampoos with a very hydrating and moisturizing conditioner like Black Vanilla or as needed for those with scalp conditions. Do not use inexpensive conditioners to co-wash, that may not contain the most hydrating and moisturizing ingredients and that do not contain essential oils, which naturally detoxify the hair and scalp.
5. Shampoo at least once a week to prevent perspiration, salt and product build-up. Free Style curly textures can co-wash as often as once a day with a hydration conditioner like, Black Vanilla conditioner and shampoo and deep condition once a week with Black Vanilla Shampoo and Smoothie.

6. Although water can be naturally hydrating...the chemicals that clean our water to make it safe to drink can also form mineral build-up on your hair. Since you are co-washing and working out, you will rinse often to protect against build-up, perspiration and salt. All textures should apply The Olive Oil Infusion Kit once per month to prevent dry hair and scalp and breakage from salt and excessive water rinsing.

7. Remember to avoid product build-up and weighing down the hair, a little goes a long way when moisturizing products are made by nature and less is more when you oil the scalp and moisturize your hair daily.


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