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FEATURES Oct 10 2012 6:52PM

Time Flies, But the Glass is Still Half-Full For Lisa Price

It is hard to believe that it is October. My son, Ennis, has turned 15. My sister, Tura, has turned 20, and every year when their birthdays come around I know how close I am to Halloween. After Halloween I blink and it is Thanksgiving and my house is full of people with full bellies and then the madness truly begins - the Holidays - and just like that, another year is gone.

Because my business is one that has to be planned in advance I often feel as if time is flying by. We had to plan a holiday back in March and I am working on launches and programs that our customers will not see until May of next year. So,on the business side there is this constant check and balance. We planned, we prepared, we launched - was it all done on time? Did it go well? How can we fix it? What is the next item coming up? Because this schedule is pretty relentless and the success of the brand hinges on the successes of each of these projects, business can oftentimes take over the rest of my life. I struggle with achieving personal goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year each year.

The boxes of old photos that I say I will scan and archive every year still sit in boxes in a cabinet in my living room. The shawl I began to crochet seven winters ago is still not finished. Almost, but not there yet. In fact, I haven't crocheted this entire year. I believe that is a first. But, I did read. I promised myself I would make time to read more books and I have read about 10 this year so far. And for me, that is a lot.

I also have been much better this year about keeping up with an exercise routine. It used to be feast or famine and while not the five days a week I would like it to be, it is not bad and definitely getting better. I promised myself this year that while traveling for business, I would make sure that I also spent time with friends and family, and I did. Surprised a best friend for her birthday, took a day trip with my husband and children to see my godmother, stayed at my aunt and uncle's house, instead if a hotel, during one of my business trips, squeezed in a lovely dinner with my Aunt Judith while in London for literally a couple of days, and most recently, surprised my daddy with a visit. I have more people to see before the year is out but that is about six times more family that I have seen compared to last year.

You may have noticed I tend to be a glass half-full kind of chick. Can't help it. It is how my Mama raised me. I cannot allow myself to dwell on what I have not done yet because wallowing is the first step on the slippery slope to self pity, which is very closely connected to self-loathing and then the dreaded and unspeakable - inertia. Cannot go there.

So, before 2012 comes to a close I hope to finish the dental implants that I started in December of 2011 on the left side of my mouth and begin the work needed to install the one I need on the right side of my mouth. My teeth have been a five year project that began with braces. I also plan on reading four more books, figuring out Instagram and Pinterest, helping to teach my daughter how to read her first book and help to produce my first ever television show. But for now, I am quite happy that I was able to clean out and organize my closet and put away the summer clothes before Halloween. Remember, glass half full...


Lisa M. Price
Carol's Daughter


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