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FEATURES Sep 11 2012 12:42PM

10 Months In, & I'm Still Going Strong!

In one of my earlier diary entries, I shared with you the KINKS and COILS I’ve experienced since I started on this amazing journey.  I defined the kinks as the not-so-great moments…or follicles J& the coils are the things I enjoy the most…on my head & in my life!  I’ve learned so much in these last 10 months about my hair & myself, I thought now would be a good time to revisit them.

One of my biggest curiosities was if I was going to “change” once I went natural.  Although the thought had been in my mind for about two years, I didn’t do a whole lot of “research” prior to my decision. I had never seen a YouTube tutorial, read any form of literature pertaining to natural hair, or attended a gathering with other ladies about our locs.  To be honest, everything I knew up to that point I “learned” from my daughters being natural, a few conversations with my sisters who are natural & snippets of info from the Carol’s Daughter website…oh, and I can’t forget the movie Good Hair!  From these few exposures, I could see that people’s opinions about this movement varied from extreme opposites to everything in between.  This stuck out to me because I never saw anything like this when I was a permed girl in a chemically relaxed world.  The depth of our conversations at the salon shallowly consisted of “are you getting a new color, cut, style, or weave?” That’s it…no “how is your perm affecting your life/relationship/children/state of mind/health/career?” or any of that deep stuff.

Well, to answer the question, I…and things…HAVE  changed.

COIL: “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I’m free at last!”
One of the biggest changes (& benefits) of going natural was releasing a lot of the self-imposed “restrictions” that were on me.  No swimming, no working out or any other sweat-inducing activity, no color changes, no unplanned or wild sleeping, no touching of the hair & no missing of scheduled hair appointments. My head was a “NO NAP” zone…any furry follicle found sprouting out my scalp had to be dealt with quickly…fiercely…and IN. THAT. ORDER! Now, I embrace the water & the rain (as a Pisces shouldJ)! I enjoy sweaty walks in the park with my kids or intense Zumba classes with my family!  I fall asleep whenever & however without worry of my ’do “messing up.”  I’m flattered when people ask to touch my hair, & I love when my honey reaches over to play with a random cluster of curls as we’re watching TV.  My calendar is free, I’ve tried more hairstyles in 10 months that I did in 10 years & I’m on to color change #2!
KINK:  “She works hard for the curly…so hard for it girly!”
Do you hear Donna Summer right now? Because I swear she sings this to me every time I step in front of the mirror! Most naturalistas shy away from the Big Chop for obvious reasons.  I, on the other hand, saw no other option.  I couldn’t imagine doing everything that comes with transitioning then continuing on once I was completely natural.  Getting my hair to look how I want requires work…a lot more work than any permed day of my life.  These curls have a mind of their own & we often don’t agree lol.  I knew that would be the case with me, & doing the BC freed me from having to deal with that early on.  For months, I’d borrow my hubby’s hair brush, give my dome a few strokes, & that was it.  Now I have 3-5” of an African jungle on my head and it’s as dry & wild as it can be!  I have to make sure it’s always moisturized, ward off product buildup & make sure my scalp is nurtured from the inside out.  I don’t know who said the famous saying, “To whom much is given, much is required,” but he/she ain’t never lied!
I’ve experienced a lot of growth since this all began…literally & figuratively.  I love the duality of finally knowing what works for me (a pre-poo with Lisa’s Elixir followed by a Hair Milk Co-Wash then Marguerite’s Magic mixed with Loc Butter = THE BOMB two-strand twist-outs)…and realizing ALL that could change tomorrow is both funny & frustrating! But hey, so is life…
Until next time,

Daria’s Daughter


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