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FEATURES Dec 25 2012 6:15PM

5 Moisturizing Oils For Healthy and Affordable Winter Skin Care

Fran, HeyFranHey.com
I remember bumping into a beautiful older woman, at a New York City street market, and being mesmerized by her evenly toned, flawless and taut skin. It was so picture perfect that I had to stop her in her tracks and ask for her beauty regimen. She simply replied, “Oil”. I sincerely thought she just didn’t feel like spilling the beans on her expensive (had to be expensive, right?) skin care set. But she explained that she used natural oils, like Olive and Coconut, all year round. Never purchased facial cleansers, heavy butters or creamy lotions. Just oil. This was the first time I’d heard of the oil cleansing method and the first time it dawned on me that an oil could actually be extremely moisturizing on its own. It took me years before I put either of those methods to the test. But now that I have, my skin health has never looked better. We have the tendency to forget that nature provides the most healing of ingredients! Here are 5 of my favorite natural and moisturizing oils for healthy, beautiful skin.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest grade of Olive Oil. This means the nutritional value is completely intact and hasn’t been removed during processing. This oil is perfect if you’re suffering from overly dry skin. Applying it on damp skin straight out of the shower is the best way to get it to penetrate properly. Struggling with hard feet? Try using EVOO as a foot soak before bed, then throwing on your chunkiest socks immediately afterwards. Did you just pop a pimple and are afraid of scarring? Add a drop of the oil to the area before bed. Don’t worry! Olive Oil doesn’t clog pores. Aside from providing much needed moisture, Olive Oil is also a sealant that sits on top of the skin and seals in the moisture for optimum retention!
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Very few oils actually penetrate the skin for proper moisture. Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are the two that can.  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not only the perfect moisturizer for your skin but also loaded with healthy fats and acids that helps the skin heal from the inside out. Continuous use will result in more evenly toned skin. Additionally, its anti-bacterial properties aid with acne and infections. Worried about aging? The anti-oxidants will help promote young, supple skin with healthy elasticity!
Organic Almond Oil
Loaded with Vitamin E, Almond Oil is the perfect skin regenerator. Suffering from stubborn old acne scars or improperly healed cuts? This oil is the perfect “fix-it” oil for the skin. It helps the skin heal from the inside out. Looking for some SPF protection?  Studies have shown that not only will Almond Oil protect you from harsh UV rays but may also reverse damage that is already there. The perfect weapon for anti-aging! This is my go-to oil for the Oil Cleansing Method. Effective enough to keep my skin glowing and clean, yet light enough to keep me feeling grease-free.
Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Jojoba Oil

This combination of oils is what I call the tag team!  Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the ultimate skin emollient, meaning it softens hardened skin. Jojoba is the oil closest to that of our own natural oil, so if you’re suffering from a deficiency (itchiness and dryness) this is the best way to replenish the loss. The two of these together leave your skin with the most supple, baby soft feel. The perfect combination for these harsh winter winds up ahead!
Extra Beauty Tip:

Have bottles of lotion you don’t want to throw away but are way too light for this winter season? Add Vegetable Glycerin to thicken the consistency! Amazing for skin health, as well.


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