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FEATURES Aug 31 2012 8:29AM

Fitness Guru Jeanette Jenkins Shares Her Tips on Getting Healthy

by Brooke Smith, The Glamorous Eccentric
Everyone knows Jeanette Jenkins. Being one of her 168,641 Twitter followers has made me feel like I know her too! Her celebrity clientele—Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, P!nk, Nia Long and Tia Mowry to name a few, have gotten her a lot of recognition, but as I learned today, she’s got substance to back her buzz and she’s well worth the hype.  I’ve never trained with Jeanette, but I have endured some killer DVD sessions, I mean body trembling, next-day total body soreness workouts. The truth is you want your workouts to be hard, you want to feel that burn, because that’s how you get results. I remember doing “Sexy Abs” and cringing in pain while watching Kelly Rowland and Jeanette smile through the movements thinking, why must they make it look so easy!

One day, I got a call from my Mom and a friend saying they were eating in Soho, across from my office and surprise—they were with Jeanette. Naturally, she was in town for the Olympics. Minutes later, I was seated across from Jeanette at Polpo, a small Spanish restaurant, with a smorgasbord of tapas between us. While she squeezed lemon on her greens, to alkalize the food, and talked about her detailed nutrition plan, I avoided the pizza to my left and jumped at the chance to interview her for Transitioning Movement.

Q. So first things first, is “I just got my hair done” an excuse to not workout?

A. Never!  Heart before hair. Be intelligent about it, schedule getting your hair done around your workout schedule.
If you have longer hair, pin curls and a head wrap will preserve your style. For shorter hair, a wrap will work.
At this point in the conversation, the other two women mention Nicole Ari Parker’s ‘Save Your Do’head wrap. Which Jeanette confirms works!

Q. Patience is a virtue. Many aren’t motivated t to work out because they feel too far from their goal and want instant gratification—toned abs and sculpted legs overnight. Similarly with hair, when waiting to attain length, women often get frustrated and feel like they’ll never get to their goal.  What is your advice to them?

A. Enjoy styling at every stage. Pull up images of the artists and celebrities that have your length and draw inspiration from them. Work whatever length you have and enjoy it.

Q. Any vitamins to take or foods we should be eating to keep our hair at peak health?

A. You should be taking a multivitamin and working out helps because you’re getting circulation of nutrients to the head. Eat 3 servings of green vegetables a day because they’re full of nutrients and 3 cups of green tea, every day to decrease the risk of any kind of disease and maintain health. There are so many health properties and antioxidants in green tea that have been proven to slow and stop the growth of cancer cells.
Finally, a good source of protein, 1 g per kg of your body weight.

Q. Any motivation for those of us who are allergic to working out and avoid the gym at all costs?

A. You’re 1 workout away from a good time. The rush of endorphins and happiness you feel after a workout are undeniable. Working out boosts your self-confidence and when you finish, you look at yourself in the mirror and feel on top of the world. We’re all different shapes and sizes and you have to love who you are at this moment, don’t wait until you reach a certain point to start, enjoy and love your body as it is.
She’s a very inspirational woman, indeed. I now have to go buy a head wrap, “heart before hair,” blender to juice all of my greens, boxes and boxes of green tea and a positive attitude toward working out— repeating to myself, “I’m just one session away from happy.”


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