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FEATURES Jan 1 2013 10:27PM

Fun Accessories to Dress Up Your Winter Wardrobe

By Nikole Casimir
I don’t know about you, but when the colder months start to approach and the temperatures begin to drop I reminisce of a warmer time. Missing the summer months, with the effortless styles, vibrant colors, and fun accessories that are great for any occasion. Now I often find myself in a bit of a style rut trying to find ways to bring the fun aspects of my summer wardrobe into my winter one. Here are my 5 key accessories that will help you spice up any winter wardrobe!
Pins are a great way to personalize any outfit. You can place them on jackets, hats, and even in your hair. My personal favorites come from Hearts of Bricks. Not only do they offer pins in stylish options but these pins also support great causes. Some of which include breast cancer, lung cancer, 9/11, our troops, and even the environment. Looking for a particular pin but don’t see it on the site? Hearts of Bricks even allows you to make custom orders! 
From right to left: Obama Heart, Original Broken Heart, Leopard Print, Heart of Rootz, Domestic Violence Heart

Fun Tights

Tights are a great way to bring some of your favorite summer looks into the winter season. They brighten up any look, as well as add some spice to a work ensemble. Be sure to experiment with colors, patterns, and styles.
From left to right: Tye-Dye Tights, Denier Tights, Fair Isle Sweater Tights, Blossom Net


With these cold winter days and with the possibility of temperatures reaching 20 degrees at any moment it is important to find ways to stay nice and warm. But don’t freight you can stay warm and stylish at the same time. I love the company Threadmill. Not only are their hats stylish they also give you the option of having your hat lined with satin. Now not only will you nice and cozy but you will also be able to keep those precious locks moisturized.
Right Corner: Short Brimmed Fedora
Bottom Row: Pom-Pom Hat, Wide Brimmed Fedora, Beanie

With sweaters, sweater dresses, and layer and layers of clothing, our shape can often get lost. A belt not only allows you to add personality to an outfit but also helps to define your curves. My favorite current trend is metal belts. With the various styles, colors, and mediums, they bring a different element into an outfit.
Top Row: Leafy Metal Belt, Studded Medium Waist Belt,
Bottom Row: Metal Bar Belt, Stretch Coil Belt

Scarves are one of the easiest ways to bring bright and fun colors into your wardrobe this winter. Whether you wear them in your hair, around your neck, or as a belt, vibrant scarves are a must have this season. I love finding scarves with bright colors. Since many of my outfits consisting of very neutral colors, scarves allow me to liven up my outfits without stepping to far out of my comfort zone.
Column 1: Multi-Pattern Scarf
Column 2: Ombre Sheer-Striped Scarf, Southwestern Eagle Scarf
Column 3: Southwestern Woven Scarf, Urban Renewal Remnant Circle Scarf


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