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September 28 2015, 8:48AM CST

Kim Fields Talks Motherhood, Hair, and Finding Balance

Tootie or Regine may be the first thing you think of when you hear the name Kim Fields, but we think enlightened soul, then funny. In between her delicious quotables and the gaggle of laughs, we were able to ask this noteworthy New Yorker about her natural hair journey, motherhood, and how she feels about reality television shows.  MORE

March 10 2015, 8:12AM CST

Melissa Harris-Perry Chats With TM.com About Her Hair

MSNBC host and professor Melissa Harris-Perry took some time to chat with us about her hair regimen, how she’s teaching her daughter to value hers and why she’s Kerry Washington in her dreams.  MORE

October 28 2014, 9:16AM CST

Elle Varner Turns Up The Volume & Talks Voluptuous Curls

It would be pretty difficult to picture Elle Varner having a bad-hair day. It has happened though, when she was 15, and we’re almost certain it hasn’t happened since. Here, we chat with the singer about her hair routine and album Perfectly Imperfect.  MORE

October 20 2014, 8:56AM CST

When Transitioning is Not a Choice: How I Survived Breast Cancer Twice

In a bout with cancer—not once, but twice—Carla Hill talks about how she won those battles and how she not only transitioned her hair, but how she transitioned her life.  MORE

November 21 2013, 2:21PM CST

5 Super Foods For A Flatter Stomach

Here are five super foods that will help you break down that seemingly stubborn mid-section!  MORE

April 30 2013, 1:21PM CST

Exclusive Interview with Mad Mens Teyonah Parris

Transitioning Movement had the opportunity to chat with actress Teyonah Parris, who is making waves in the acting world being a part of AMC’s hit series, Mad Men among other roles. We spoke a bit about on her journey to stardom, her current roles in Hollywood, and of course her natural hair regimen. Check out the exclusive interview!  MORE