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February 19 2015, 10:34AM CST

6 Reasons To Enjoy A Glass Of Red Wine

What is it about red wine that makes it healthy enough to drink without feeling guilty? Here are 6 reasons to get your sip on:  MORE

February 18 2015, 9:36AM CST

5 Mood Boosters To Get You Through Winter

It is easy to slip into a state of sadness or even a big bowl of ice cream for comfort during this time of year. However, it’s not impossible to keep your spirits up in the face of Old Man Winter.  MORE

February 18 2015, 8:32AM CST

The New F Words: Frigid & Friction

How’s your hair this winter season? Feeling a little dry? Loosing its luster and shine? And how about those tangles, splits and breakage? Not so hot, right? Well you’re experiencing the 2 new F-Words of hair—FRIGID weather and FRICTION.  MORE

February 16 2015, 9:01AM CST

Hair-story: Hair care, History and Healing

Is the space between a mother’s legs where a daughter sat to get her hair greased and braided still a sacred ground? Is the generational tradition of mother to daughter hair care still intact; or has it been transferred to the beautician’s chair? Through the weekly ritual of hair care, my mother used that time to would impregnate me with the family history.  MORE

February 13 2015, 1:30PM CST

A Heartfelt Valentine's Day Message—Love, Lisa

Spread love to your family and loved ones today, February 13th; tomorrow, February 14th; and every day!  MORE

February 13 2015, 9:13AM CST

Baby It’s Cold Outside—But I Don’t Want My Baby Sick

Some tips for new mothers to keep babies happy and healthy as we weather the cold.  MORE

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