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April 15 2014, 8:29AM CST

Springtime is the Best Time to Big Chop

One of the best benefits of doing the big chop in the spring is the ability to just wash (or co-wash) and go. When your hair is that short, there really isn’t much you can do to it. When it’s warm outside, you don’t have to worry about the cold air on your wet head. You can just wash your hair, put on some of your favorite product, and walk right outside.  MORE

April 14 2014, 9:10AM CST

6 Reasons To Start Running

Running becomes a more frequent opportunity to spend a little more time with yourself and your thoughts, which increases self-awareness. As you become more aware of the thoughts and the condition of your own body, it would only make sense to also discover things about your inner self.  MORE

April 11 2014, 9:44AM CST

In My Travels, Part Two

If I am speaking to women about taking care of their hair or their skin, I always want them to know that it is okay to pamper themselves and splurge a little bit and take care of you before you take care of everyone else.  MORE

April 10 2014, 9:07AM CST

5 Ways To Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Why is this particular oil so amazing? It’s loaded with seemingly infinite healing properties, specifically the various omega fatty acids that have proven to aid in skin health and regeneration as well as scalp health and circulation.  MORE

April 9 2014, 8:48AM CST

Let Go Of Your “Type” And Spring Forward In Love

Having a “type” is so passé—just ask rapper Eve. The upcoming Bounty Killer star confessed that her engagement comes after letting go of the “type” of dude she would normally date.  MORE

April 7 2014, 8:14AM CST

Hair Notes: 27 Extracts & Their Benefits

Nowadays, being a consumer for hair-care products oftentimes means you need a degree in chemistry, health sciences or the culinary arts. Use this cheat sheet to see which extracts you should start adding to your hair routine...  MORE

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