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December 26 2014, 9:22AM CST

Notes From Lisa: How-To Pick Your Perfect Scent

What most people don't know about me is that the way some women are about shoes, I am about fragrance. I have often said "As Carrie is to fashion, Lisa is to scent."  MORE

December 23 2014, 10:09AM CST

Healthy Hair Holiday Wish List

Are you making your holiday hair list and checking it twice? Below is a wish list that with a little work and patience, we can make come true all on our own. It’s a healthy hair wish list.  MORE

December 22 2014, 10:10AM CST

You’ll Instantly Fall In Love With Annie & Her Curls…

The famous red-haired Annie orphan story that became an instant American classic film in 1982 has modernized all the storylines and made a comeback with a compelling curly haired young actress as the new star. It's definitely a must-see!  MORE

December 19 2014, 12:25PM CST

DIY Wintertime Cocktails To Enjoy At Home

You can save tons of money by skipping a $14 cocktail and stay in your pajamas while you drink! Here are 3 of my favorite cocktails to make at home.  MORE

December 18 2014, 12:22PM CST

4 Healthier Holiday Dessert Options

Holidays are known for delicious, mouthwatering desserts. Here are four delicious dessert options that pack more of a nutritional punch and doesn't ruin your waistline.  MORE

December 17 2014, 9:08AM CST

Techniques For Maintaining Your Winter Wash & Go

As the brutal cold weather approaches, Antoinette of Around the Way Curls offers her tips to keep your curls poppin'!  MORE

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