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FEATURES Aug 2 2012 2:06AM

How to Maintain Healthy, Moisturized Hair

by Diane Da Costa

Natural curly hair lacks moisture, easily dehydrates and is the number-one challenge for curly textures. When your hair is chemically treated and relaxed straight, the hair requires protein and moisture-conditioning cocktail treatments. That’s not the case for natural curly textures. This hair texture and type should receive treatments that cocktail hydrating and moisturizing conditioners with botanical oils, essential oils and fruit oils.
It’s extremely important to shampoo, condition and moisturize your tresses with natural botanical ingredients that keep your hair hydrated without build-up. Use these tips to maintain healthy, moisturized hair:
Read Your Labels:
•   Use ingredients that provide hydration, humectants and moisture.
•   Aloe Vera hydrates and protects the hair shaft.
•   Macadamia is a natural moisturizer with Vitamin E that easily absorbs into the hair shaft without build-up.
•   Sweet almond oil hydrates and restores elasticity.
 Hydrate with H2O:
•   Loosen and remove product build-up by performing a two- to three-minute weekly water wash before you shampoo or co-wash.
•   Drink 32 fl. oz. of water or more daily.
Cleanse and Purify with Moisture:
•   Shampoo with natural Rosemary Mint and Tea Tree to cleanse and purify the hair and scalp.
•   Use sulfate-free shampoos that won’t strip natural oils from the hair with detergent.
•   Apply hydrating/moisturizing shampoos and conditioners weekly that hydrate and retain moisture.
•   In-between weekly shampoos, co-wash with a hydration conditioner that contains Aloe Vera.
Add Moisture with Conditioner Tricks
•   Get a professional steam treatment at least once per month
•   Steam at home with a hot towel or in a steam-filled bathroom with a cocktail of hydration mask and essential oils, like Olive Oil Infusion.
•   Mist natural curly hair and locks two to three times throughout the day with Tui or Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner Spray.
•   First apply Hair Milk Leave-In Moisturizer, (Lite or Original) to curly hair before defining curls with Hair Milk Pudding.
•   Protect the hair with a leave-in-conditioner spray and Macadamia Heat Protection Setting Foam before blowing, setting or wrapping the hair.
Three Treatments That Promote Healthy Hair Growth
•   Olive Oil Infusion: A pre-shampoo treatment for hair and scalp.
•   Monoi Repair Collection: Shampoo / Conditioner & Repair Mask: for relaxed, color treated and dry brittle hair.
•   Transitioning 1-2-3 Kit: Cleanse the scalp and hair, Detoxify the scalp and deeply Moisturize the hair and prevent against hair breakage.
Three Easy Steps to Retain Moisture With Oils & Conditioning Mask
•   Apply a pre-shampoo treatment with a cocktail of oils to lubricate the scalp and smooth in masks to hydrate and moisturize hair.
•   Massage and brush the scalp with a wide paddle brush to invigorate scalp and circulate the blood, which feeds the hair and promotes hair growth.
•   Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb before rinsing out conditioner to hydrate the hair, smooth conditioner into the hair shaft and separate curls.
Avoid Product Overload
•   Product overload will weigh hair down and prevent pure natural oxygen air from penetrating the hair shaft and hydrating the hair.
•   Avoid ingredients that zap moisture, like petroleum, mineral oil and lanolin.
Protect Ends & Hair Shaft
•   Lubricate the scalp with essential oils daily or as needed with Lisa’s Hair Elixir.
•   Moisturize hair ends daily or as needed with glosses, like Macadamia Heat Protection Serum before wrapping, twisting or pin curling at night.
•   Mist with Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner to refresh and hydrate relaxed or smooth, silky looks before ceramic flat ironing.
Choose the Right Head Gear & Tools
•   Avoid cotton or rough fabrics that deplete moisture.
•   Sleep with a satin, nylon or rayon cap; a wrap head band or bonnet; and a satin pillow cases.
•   Use such tools as a wooden comb that infuses Argan oils.
•   Brush and massage the scalp with a soft Boar Bristle brush, which helps blood circulation to feed the hair and promotes healthy hair growth.


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