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FEATURES Oct 17 2012 2:20AM

How to Make Your Transitioning Journey a Fun One

by Carnelia Barfield

Some may think that starting their natural journey may be a hard one. Getting advice from others and searching the web has helped me out tremendously. Some of my top 10 things I would tell someone considering transitioning would be the following:

Be patient
I was finding it very hard to be patient and let my hair grow. In the beginning it seemed like I didn't have a bit of new growth. But, as time progressed I started noticing my curls.

Condition /Deep Condition
I have learned to condition, condition, condition! Conditioner is my best friend in the hair world. Conditioning will not fail you!!!  Using any kind of conditioner worked wonders for my hair. I have never noticed my hair to be tangled through this whole process.

Join the movement
Reading about others ladies that are transitioning is always a plus. On my journey I have learned the dos and the don’ts from reading articles from others and joining natural hair community sites, such as transitioningmovement.com. These sites will give you great tips on moisturizers to use, how often to trim, and so much more!

Enjoy the moment
Enjoying the transitioning process is a must for me. You must enjoy the journey for it to be a successful one, so enjoy every minute and every day of your permed to natural hair transition.

Find something you like and ROCK IT!! I love using perm rods. This has been my go to style for a couple of months. For the first few months of my transition, I fell in love with Bantu Knots. Both styles last a while. I leave them in until the next wash and do it all over again. Both styles may get a little boring sometimes, so switch it up by creating pin-ups.

Apply your oil
I apply oils to my hair and scalp after I wash and a few time during the week to help keep my hair moist and shining.

Come up with your regimen and stick to it for a while. Changing it up can sometime lead to disaster! And, if you happen to change it up, do so when you have free days to correct it.

Picture perfect
Take lots and lots of pictures to help you see how your hair is growing. This will also keep you from getting discouraged during those times you think you may need to go back to a relaxer.

The top thing to consider is finding out what works best for you and embracing every second of your transitioning journey. You will have your bad hair days and your good ones. Just find out what went wrong and correct it.

Mary's Daughter


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