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FEATURES Nov 4 2012 11:56PM

Transitioning Beauty of the Week

How long have you been transitioning and what made you decide to do so?

I actually transitioned by accident. I hit the gym about 4-5 days per week and my hair was becoming a hindrance. I began wearing micro braids in the spring of 2011. I loved them! They were easy, peasy. I shampooed and conditioned once a week and basically had reduced my hair issue to null and void. Between braids, which were usually no longer than a day, I started taking notice of my natural hair coming in, as my relaxed hair was growing out. After a year of wearing braids, I decided to not have them redone and wear my hair in its natural state. This was spring 2012. Now I understand why the term "transitioning" is used. I've been wearing a perm since I was at least 7 years old. I can remember that even though my parents were tight on most things, my sisters and I were at the beauty shop (you know that's what we called it back in the day) often. I wore a curl (yep I did) during my high school years. The only time I can remember my hair in its natural state was after my stint with the curl. I got it pressed for a while, but baby when it got wet, the curls would wind up very tight. So as soon as I could, I was back to my relaxed hair.

If your hair had its own personality, how would you describe it?

The personality of my hair is strong, bold, and fierce.

What is your hair regimen and what are your hair care essentials?

I keep my hair regime ultra simple. I simply refresh, moisturize, gel, style and go!!! I shampoo and condition once per week. I like the Curls Unleashed line, Beautiful Textures products and Ampro style gel. Each morning I refresh with Curls Unleashed Second Chance Curl Refresher, and then use either the Curls Unleashed set it off curl boosting jelly or Curls Unleashed curl defining cream. I then apply the Beautiful Textures shine & silken growth oil. I tame my edges with Ampro Shine & Jam. My hair is extremely dry and my curls are very kinky. My hair requires a lot of moisture. I shampoo with the Curls Unleashed line, Carol's Daughter transition kit or Wen cleansing conditioner.
What has been the best and hardest part of your natural hair journey?

The best part is the freedom! The hardest part was learning to like myself in a TWA. I've gotten over that now and I just rock it!
Who is your hair icon, and why?

Rachel O! That is my girl. I love the freedom of her hair, the different funky shades of color she wears and the changing styles. She is really passionate about natural hair and its care and shares lots of valuable info.


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