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FEATURES Aug 7 2012 1:38AM

Elle Varner Turns Up The Volume & Talks Voluptuous Curls

By Sharlyn Pierre

It would be pretty difficult to picture Elle Varner having a bad-hair day. It has happened though, when she was15, and we’re almost certain it hasn’t happened since. Life has changed immensely for this NYU grad. The conversational lush explained why she isn’t afraid of humidity, switching up her hairstyle, or the color yellow.
TM: People LOVE your curls. Have you ever had a perm? If not, what is your styling routine?

EV: I’ve never had a perm and my styling routine is so simple: I comb it while it’s wet, and then I do not touch it until it’s completely dry. Before…well for a long time, I used to wrap it up in a towel to dry it faster and it would always be frizzy. Once I discovered the key was to let it air-dry, it comes out beautifully!
TM: So you don’t use a diffuser or anything?
EV: Nope. I don’t use a diffuser; I don’t use a blow dryer. In the beginning, when I started going on the road, I used to bring my blow dryer and I couldn’t achieve the right look, so I started air-drying my hair.
TM: Can you share a hair moment with us that went completely wrong, and look back at it and just laugh?

EV: Oh yes! When I tried to dye my hair blonde myself, I think I was like fifteen. It turned out yellow, not just yellow, like sun yellow. It looked crazy with my skin tone…it was so bad! *laughs* that was the first and last time.
TM: How do you manage your summer curls in the humidity?

EV: You know, the cool thing about having curly hair is that even when it’s a little frizzy, it can look like you meant to do it that way. If it’s humid, but your hair is moisturized, at least it’s not looking dry. It’s perfect [for me] because when I’m on stage, I can sweat and I don’t have to worry about sweating my hair out. If  I wore it straight, that wouldn’t not be happening.
TM: What advice do you have for women who are looking to explore new hairstyles?
EV: My advice is to try it because the reality is: it’s hair, it grows back no matter what you do to it! I’ve learned that a great hairstyle can transform your entire look. It will change how you feel about yourself in so many awesome ways…a definite confidence booster, especially if you’re looking for a fresh start. I say go for it!
TM: How is your hair an extension of your artistry?
EV: It’s big! I feel like my music is big and my hair says so much about who I am and my larger-than-life personality!
TM: What can people look forward to on your new album?
EV: On my new album, which is also my debut album, you can really expect such a journey through song. You’ll hear lyrics and concepts that you’ve experienced whether you’re a man, a woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever. I really do think it’s a great piece of work.
Elle Varner’s album Perfectly Imperfect can be ordered on iTunes or Amazon


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