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FEATURES Nov 1 2012 9:42AM

How to Battle Winter Hair Blues

By Diane Da Costa

Curly Textured Expert & Author

Carol's Daughter Brand Stylist

Cold air can cause the most havoc on curly textured hair. Curly hair loves moisture and thrives in humid environments, especially with the right hair care products. Once cold temperatures hit the atmosphere there is less moisture and humidity in the air. Dry, cold weather zaps natural moisture from your hair and it leaves all hair textures dry, brittle and stressed.

One of the best ways to protect against breakage and shedding during the winter is to cover your pillows with satin covers and cover your head with hair-wraps, bonnets and scarves made from silk, satin or rayon/satin/nylon combination materials. Stay away from cotton, wool and of course fibers, especially since wool hats and scarves zap natural moisture and oils from your hair and tend to tear apart natural curls, causing hair damage.

Protect the hair against moisture depletion and hair breakage. Try these hair accessories:

Satin Wonders Head Wraps in black and white colors.

Satin Wonders Pillow Cases in various color shades.

Combat Winter Hair Blues with these Hair-Care Tips and Carol's Daughter Hair Collections:


      Intensely hydrate your tresses with a monthly steam treatment and pre-shampoo oil like, Lisa Hair Elixir. Apply 6 to 8 drops of this energizing oil and massage into the scalp. Then take a bamboo paddle brush and brush the hair in an upward motion around the head 3x. This motion stimulates the scalp and releases your natural oils    

      To intensely moisturize, soften and smooth curly and coily tresses, apply monthly, the Olive Oil Infusion Kit, which includes Khoret Amen Oil and Khoret Amen Smoothie Conditioner.

    Cleanse & Condition:

      The best-kept secret is the hydration-filled Black Vanilla Moisturizing Collection. Cleansing and conditioning with the Black Vanilla shampoo and conditioner will replace moisture that hair lacks during winter month.  Repair and prevent hair breakage and shedding with the Monoi Repairing Collection. Shampoo, and condition every two weeks and apply the mask once per month, especially if the hair is dry, color treated, brittle or shedding.


      Prevent Spit-Ends by applying just a pea-size amount of Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer on the ends of your hair, daily. The latest addition to the Monoi collection is formulated with Monoi Oil, which repairs hair damage; Carob Seed Extract, binds hair fibers together and Babassu Oil, helps strengthen hair’s structure from within.


      Keep your hair moisturized with a dime-size amount of Hair Balm or for a lighter emollient apply, Macadamia Heat Protection Serum or Finishing Shine Mist.

      Lubricate the scalp separately from the hair. Try TUI Moisturizing Hair Oil. Apply just a few drops once or twice per week or as needed.

Styling for Winter Months:

      Refresh Curls: Try hydrating and misting curls with Black Vanilla Moisturizing Leave-In-Conditioner to reactive your tresses, instead of wetting your full head of curly hair several times per week, then lightly, reapply Hair Milk Leave-In (Light or Original) Moisturizer and / or Hair Milk Pudding.

      Blow Outs: Try applying Macadamia Heat Setting Foam first to smooth and straighten curly hair with a wrapping technique, instead of blow drying your hair before you ceramic iron. Brush and wrap your hair down with a paddle brush and boar bristle brush––secure head with a ventilated wrap-band and sit under the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes. Brush hair out, apply Macadamia Heat Protection Serum and then, ceramic iron.

      Smooth Out: Keep transitioning hair healthier, stronger and easier to straighten with Chocolät Smoothing Collection––if you want to smooth your tresses frequently during the winter month.



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