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FEATURES Nov 12 2012 10:06PM

His or Hers Fashion

by, Carmegie, www.twitter.com/carmegie

Menswear is a sartorial playground where rules are often followed and sex is a two way street. There is definitely an art to androgyny and you don’t have to wear a complete menswear look from head to toe to achieve the vibe. My advice, do this trend in small doses and you are sure to WIN! In my world, a good menswear piece is always appreciated. In fact, if I can figure out a way to wear it and the price is right; I’m almost always in.

My guy warns me all the time to stay out of his things and for the most part I do. But there is something so very sexy and alluring about a women in a man’s, watch or crisp white button down shirt. It’s seductive, sassy and a bit cheeky. The energy is meant to be sexy, confident and strong. A mix of him and her but not forgetting for even a second he’s a she. Here’s my list of things to borrow …

1. The Button Down: I love a crisp slim cut men’s white stiff collar button down. Sure I could buy one made for a woman, but it wouldn’t smell like him. And I wouldn’t have the option of wearing it as a tunic with black sequence leggings or with a mini skirt and a blazer or a pair of boyfriend jeans cardigan and a silk scarf. The options are truly unlimited. “What is more feminine than a woman who knows how to cross dress”? 



2. The Watch: Hand her ovah pleassse! I live for a large face             timepiece. It’s the perfect accessory to my otherwise  
dainty wrist. I can pile on as much arm candy as I like and it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  Maybe it is because men’s  watches are usually larger and sleeker then the traditional women’s timepiece. Remember just because it is engineered for a man does not mean it won’t look amazing on a woman.

3. The Scarf: Every winter I look forward to raiding his scarf draw. Some of the winter scarfs made for men during this time of year are extremely heavy, wide and colorful. This combination is a wonderful way to add a bit of excitement to your winter coat options. Tip: wear it like a shawl and belt it over your existing coat.

I hope I have given you some helpful tips on how to inject a bit of masculine energy to your look. See you in the streets.


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