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FEATURES Jan 7 2013 8:14PM

2013: Billis Year of Growth

By Billi Ewing

“We wish you a Curly Christmas, we wish you a Kinky Christmas, we wish you a Wavy Christmas and a Nappy New Year!’

It is officially 2013! I pray that your holidays were blessed and this 1st diary entry of 2013 finds you healthy, happy and excited about another year on this beautiful earth!  Last year, 2012, hands down, was one of the most AMAZING years of my life!  Good, bad, indifferent & everything in between…I wouldn’t change a thing!  My natural hair journey alone was one of the most profound moments throughout 2012.  I went from a relaxer to a clean BC to a full head of hair; started this fabulous experience with Carol’s Daughter; experimented with various styles, and made hundreds of new curlfriends and celebrated my 1st Nappiversary!  You’re probably thinking how can a naturalista top that?!

Well the plan is to do just that!  What I desire most in 2013 is GROWTH…in every aspect of my life, especially my hair!  I am no longer concerned with the long, leanness of hair.  I am now ready to embrace the upward, outward fullness of my crown!  I took a very laid-back approach with my tresses last year.  I enjoyed my BC for a good portion of the year, so there was never really much to do.  But I will definitely be more deliberate, determined and daring with my actions in 2013.  I’ve already started off the New Year with a HOT new hue….literally!  The fiery red spoke to me like no color ever has, and I happily answered the call!  This is my 2nd color change since becoming natural (can you say benefit!)! But what I haven’t delved into yet are all the different techniques and treatments that I often hear work wonders on natural hair. 

Making a laundry list of promises I know I’m not gon’ keep is a set up for failure and unneeded disappointment.  Instead, I’ve come up with my top 3 hair resolutions for 2013! I’m SO overdue for a steam treatment like the one I received in NYC, so resolution No. 1 is to find a salon and treat myself to that fabulosity A-S-A-P!  No. 2 is to take the time to try a new healthy hair technique each month.  Baggy method, Coconut Oil treatment, natural hair mask, pre-poo, sealing & henna dying are all foreign to me.  Guess I’m still a baby girl in the natural world ‘cause I’m still at the shampoo/condition/style/go stage, lol!  But I’m definitely going to step my game up in that area to see IF they really work and find out what works best for ME!  Last, but definitely not least, resolution No. 3 is to work on my inner self so my outer self is healthier and happier!  Weight loss is always high on most people’s list because a lot of us could stand to lose a pound or two, myself included!  But honest and truly, I want my days on THIS side to be long and prosperous, and I wish the same for my hair.  I need to “lighten my load” so I can keep up with this busy 3 year old of mine! I want to see my children get married and have grandchildren.  I want to actually complete some of the things on my bucket list.  I want to see what would happen if I REALLY made my health a top priority in my life.  I’ve already planted a few seeds by making small changes last year.  I pray they GROW into lifestyle changes that carry me through 2013 and beyond!

Sincerely a curly girl on a mission,

Daria’s daughter


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