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FEATURES Oct 21 2012 11:27PM

Hairstyles For Moms On The Go

by Angela Carstarphen Watford

People always ask me, “How do you do it and still look so normal?” Raising three kids, being a wife, working full time, writing and trying to stay beautiful can be a lot, but I’ve learned the importance of time management and easy hair maintenance. See before I had all these responsibilities, I used to do hot-oil treatments, twist-out sets, straw sets, you name it, I did it. Today, I can’t tell you the last time I sat under a dryer or even thought about something like highlights—but I still try to look my best. Here are my 3 easy go-to, busy-mommy styles.
The Beautiful Bun: This is so easy, and it works best when your hair is not so clean, plus it hides the pancake syrup your son smeared in your hair this morning.
Pull your hair into a high ponytail; make sure you lay down the edges (try Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother). Use a twisty to hold it in place. Tease hair a little if you need some extra volume. Pin hair around the twisty with hairpins. Spritz a little hairspray (try Macadamia Heat Styling Hairspray) to hold in place and go!
The Sexy Side Ponytail: Yes, we want to still get those looks that make us feel like we still got it, right? This ponytail will do the trick.
Brush hair to the side; once again, make sure you lay down those edges. Use a twisty to hold it in place. Pull your hair in three sections, then take a barrel curling iron and hot curl the 3 pieces.  Shake the big curls, then loosen the twisty and gently tousle for a finished, undone look. You’ll be the hottest mom on the playground.
The Cute Curls: This is the easiest twist-out yet. Sleep on it and have the perfect curls for a well-deserved date night with your baby daddy.
Wash your hair in the shower at night. Detangle and section your hair in four parts (yep, 4 is all it takes): 2 on the side and 2 in the back. Twist each section from the root to the end and curl up the ends with your finger, then pin curl the end of each section. Go to bed and let your hair air-dry. The next morning pull out your curls, spritz a little shine (try Macadamia Finishing Shine Mist) on them and go; they’ll stay beautiful and bouncy all day and night.


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