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FEATURES Sep 14 2012 8:38AM
The Leather Jacket!

Time To Fall In Love With Fashion Again

by Kanayo Ebi kachmeifyoucan.blogspot.com, @kachmeifyoucan

My favorite time of the Fashion year is upon us yet again: FALL! Fall is absolutely the most fabulous, most creative time to explore and play up your wardrobe. It’s like everything goes and some. Who said you had to put away your Spring/Summer clothes???  It's all about LAYERING, so anything goes. Some of your spring/summer wardrobe can "fall" right in as well. The shorts, dresses, lace-ups, loafers, wedges etc. Just add them on with some tights, leggings or socks, a chunky knit sweater/ cardigan and or jacket and your summer wardrobe has officially become Fall Ready. That's why I love the Fall; you have a legitimate excuse to thrown on your whole wardrobe all at once and be weather ready hehe; okay so not your whole wardrobe technically, but you get my drift; just throw that maxi dress on with a pair of motorcycle boots, a leather jacket and an oversize scarf and|*poof* you took summer right into the fall. In styling "The Simmons Sisters" Vanessa and Angela, I always like to get them to play around with their wardrobe. It’s also very interesting in styling the ladies because they have very different styles. Vanessa's style is very chic and classic with a bit of edge and modern feel added on, while Angela's style is very adventurous, edgy, flirty and daring. So it’s very important to find staple pieces that could work for both ladies despite what their personal style is. Pieces that work with all styles with the only thing making it different is how you wear it ; that is depending on how its styled.
There are always those staple pieces that never go out of trend/ style and come around every season. They probably get tweaked somehow; colour, embellishments, and cut, but it’s always still the same pieces just improved on. Those are the pieces year after year you come back to and you wish you bought in multiples because you can't get enough of it. So what are these fall "must have" classic pieces you ask? Let's take a look!

The Leather Jacket: Leather, leather, leather and more leather!!!!! I absolutely can't get enough of leather pieces and the leather Jacket is one of them. I absolutely love buying different styles, fit and cuts; especially the biker/motorcycle jacket. This takes any outfit and adds some edge and cool to it. It also goes with just about anything you put together. Angela is very much a Leather Jacket kind of girl, gives her the edge she needs to add on to a feminine, chic outfit.

Blazer: The Blazer is another piece that keeps reinventing itself and helps in transitioning an outfit from casual to chic. There are different cuts of blazers for different body types and also to appease different styles; the boyfriend blazer, the fitted cut blazer and tuxedo blazer. So whatever look you are trying to go for, there is sure to be a blazer that you can pick to compliment and complete your fall look.


Boyfriend White Button-Down Shirt:  Lets here it for the boy!!!!!...... This is a staple piece in any woman's wardrobe. It's that go-to piece. It helps tie any outfit together and give your outfit a smart look. It goes with just about anything and everything; with some skinny pants, maxi skirt, shorts, and even thrown on top of a sleeveless maxi dress. Depending on the look you are going for. It can be worn tucked- in, tied together, or just un-tucked. Also, the best part is you can definitely pair it together with the already aforementioned         (leather jacket or blazer)..... Do you already see how and why these are definitely must- haves for your fall wardrobe? Well stay with me; there's more....


Skinny Pants/ Jeans/ Leather Pants: How can you go wrong with a pair of well fitted skinny pants??? Whether it’s in the form of leggings, jeans, jeggings or leather. The best part of pants now is that they all nearly come with some form of stretch in them, so they substantially give a better fit because they will stretch to fit according to your body shape. These you can pair with your fave graphic tees, tunic, jumper/sweaters, sweatshirt. It’s just sure to work and also give a clean, flattering look.


 Maxi dresses/skirts: Who says because it’s getting cooler, we have to look drabby all the time? It’s still okay to whip out those dresses and accessorize them. The maxi dresses and skirts are still the easiest thing to throw on during the fall. This is also another great transitioning piece. A cute maxi dress with some boots, sneakers or heels with a nice leather jacket, blazer, chunky knit, cardigan and your ready to run your town. So, there will definitely be no packing those maxi dresses and skirts away!!!! 

Oversize Handbag: Now we all know how it goes when it gets colder outside. We have so many layers we have to carry, gloves, hats, scarves, and whatever else we need to go about our whole day, because no one really wants to do the back and forth in the winter time. Here's where our go -to everyday oversize hand bag comes in. The kind of bag you can pretty much carry your life in if need be...lol.... Okay not really but you catch my drift ;-)


Chunky Jewelery: Here's my philosophy on accessories ....Accessories make the outfit! ....shoes, bags, and jewelery, etc, turn an outfit into the look you are trying to create. It can take an outfit from day to night, casual to chic, casual to dressy. Now the chunky accessories just help add some sophistication and fashion flare to a simple outfit. It gives the outfit character and a unique flair!!!!

Fur Vests : Sophistication, chic and fun !!! These are the words that the fur Vest look gives me and I just absolutely love!!!! Throw this over your favourite Jacket or sweater for the extra warmth. Fur Vests looks amazing over just about any jacket/coat; leather jacket, denim jacket, trench coat, blazer etc. It also looks great over a dress and it comes in all different styles and lengths. Definitely a must have in the fall closet.


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