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FEATURES Oct 23 2012 8:10PM

The Journey Back to Me: How I Defeated Obesity

by Roxi of Paparoxi.com

In 2009, my life was far from where I stand today. I was 65 pounds heavier and my world was falling apart. I was struggling daily to finish grad school, working a job I hated and coping with a failing romantic relationship. Whenever I had a rough day, I would gorge on my favorite foods. It brought me comfort to overeat. I now believe that my obesity was not the problem, but a symptom of the chaos in my life. After 2 years of this behavior, I was tipping the scales well over 200 pounds. I couldn’t believe I had let myself go. When 2009 finally did end; I was jobless, heartbroken and obese. However, in some strange way I knew I was right where God wanted me to be. I realized if I was ever going to be happy again I had to change who I was physically and spiritually; a makeover from the inside out.

One day, I got the hair brain idea to sign up for an Olympic distance triathlon, which completely changed my life. I became knowledgeable about over processed foods and the toll it took on my body. I started purchasing foods that were closest to their natural state. I did some soul searching and I realized I was replacing food with the space that God should’ve been filling. By making small disciplined steps daily I began to see weight loss. In 2010 I decided to take my health to the next level by becoming vegan for a year and incorporating juice fasting into my life. I learned to rely heavily on meals that were plant based. I successfully developed a deep love of vegetables and through juicing, and I was able to kick my dependence on meat and sugars.

Everyone has their own path to health. We must be patient with our bodies and discover what we love to do. I realized that weight gain is an imbalance; the imbalance I was experiencing was the stress of the world around me, once that was balanced it was easier for me to lose weight. Here are my biggest tips for losing the unwanted pounds:

Juice fasting: Juice fasting is a period of days or weeks where one solely consumes the juices of raw fruits and vegetables by juicing them in a juicer. This is a great way to break addictions to food and detox the body of daily toxins. It gives your body a rest from the digestion process thus allowing your system to fight other toxic areas of your body. One of my go to resources for juice fasting is a book by Steve Meyerowitz “Juice Fasting and Detoxification”.

Eating cutoff time: Having a food cut off time is a great way to allow your body to process and burn calories before bedtime. When I was obese I found myself eating the worse food late at night so by implementing a cut off time I was able to cut off the excess calories. This has also helped me consistently eat breakfast because I always wake up hungry.

Eating more plant based: Before losing weight I thought that all meals had to have starch and meat. Now I maintain my health by eating meals that are plant focused. A typical dinner for me will consist of kale salad, brown rice and lentils. Eating more vegetables also increases your overall health; I don’t get sick as often, my hair is thicker and longer and my skin is glowing. My body is also able to breakdown vegetables faster than meat and my metabolism in return has sped up.

Consistent fitness routine: Training for triathlon races has helped me stick to a daily fitness routine. I am motivated to work out because I want to be ready for my race. Results don’t happen overnight and the only way to see lasting results through exercise is consistency. That is how I sculpted by body. Find something you can do every day that you will love; and it will become easier to stick to a regular fitness routine.

Search your soul: The most important part of my weight loss journey was learning that weight gain was a symptom of my life being imbalanced. I had to commit to a daily spiritual life just like I had to commit to a daily fitness routine. I had to make sure that my life never became burdened by stress and that I always made time to become better.


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