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November 20 2014, 9:52AM CST

3 Natural Remedies To Thin Out Hair Loss Worries

Have you ever stared at your edges in the mirror as though the longer you look at them, the sparser they seem to be? Here are 3 great products to help..  MORE

November 19 2014, 8:41AM CST

Be Thankful For Those Special Hairdress Moments

Back then I didn’t appreciate the pampering and love I was getting as my mom braided my hair in either one big braid down my back or parted in the middle with two plaits on each side.  MORE

November 18 2014, 10:18AM CST

Perfect Travel-Size Sets To Keep Hair Holiday-Ready

Heading off for the holiday? This year if Thanksgiving is at Aunt Melba’s house in Texas, or Christmas is being spent with your boo in the Bahamas, taking care of your hair while you are away isn’t optional.  MORE

November 17 2014, 9:20AM CST

Meeting The Parents: Tips & Styles For Your Hair

It’s essential to choose the right style for that day because, believe it or not, how voluminous your hair is can speak volumes to his mom and dad, and it’s quite possible that a unique cut might not cut it with his parents. In addition to being yourself, follow these five suggested style tips, and make his parents a part of your fan club:  MORE

November 14 2014, 8:59AM CST

Actress Elise Neal Chats About Latest Hair Extension Line

We all know seasoned actress Elise Neal for her starring roles (The Hughleys, All of Us,) however, she shared some of that spotlight with her latest endeavor: her hair extension line.  MORE

November 13 2014, 9:00AM CST

Need Some Motivation? Get a Curlfriend

Here’s the secret to amazing natural hair. Friends matter. Going natural is a journey, and everyone needs a co-pilot. It’s even better when you have a few backseat drivers along for the ride.  MORE