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October 22 2014, 8:29AM CST

Mansitioning, and How I Learned to Let Go

I had my locs for 13 years. I began them in college and kept them through my wedding, and the births of my first two children. To a large degree, my ”artsyness” my individuality, my attractiveness were to my locs, says Lawrence Watford of his journey to cutting off his locs.  MORE

October 20 2014, 8:56AM CST

When Transitioning is Not a Choice: How I Survived Breast Cancer Twice

In a bout with cancer—not once, but twice—Carla Hill talks about how she won those battles and how she not only transitioned her hair, but how she transitioned her life.  MORE

October 17 2014, 10:15AM CST

Be Aware of Breast Cancer Preventions!

Cancer at its earliest stage rarely has any warning signs, which is why the best protection against breast cancer is early detection and prompt treatment.  MORE

October 16 2014, 9:32AM CST

Healthy Hair From the Inside Out

Your head is attached to your body, but for some reason we all look at our hair as if it’s a separate entity. If you’ve recently made the decision to take better care of your hair, consider taking better care of your body too. Add more of the following the foods to your diet and not only will your hair look better, but you’ll feel better as well.  MORE

October 15 2014, 8:58AM CST

Who Wants A Perfect Love Anyway?

At some point logic should hit us so we come to the realization that trying to find someone “perfect,” isn’t really possible.  MORE

October 14 2014, 8:25AM CST

10-Step Program for Product Junkies

Going natural does not have to mean, “going broke.” Here are some tips to keep your wallet and your hair happy.  MORE