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January 27 2016, 11:29AM CST

3 Reasons You Can Blame Your Worst Hair Day On Porosity

There’s nothing more confusing than following all of the steps suggested by popular hair bloggers and vloggers and still ending up with frizzy, brittle hair.  MORE

January 22 2016, 9:45AM CST

Stop Patting: 3 All-Natural Remedies For Dry, Itchy Scalp

The next time you feel yourself experiencing a seemingly relentless itchy scalp, try one of these natural remedies...  MORE

January 22 2016, 9:41AM CST

4 Natural Oils To Protect Against Thinning Edges

One of the biggest concerns we face would have to be the thinning of our fragile edges. Here are more than 4 ways to protect your edges...  MORE

January 22 2016, 9:20AM CST

The Oily Truth: Moisturizing Oils Vs. Sealing Oils

You need both: The key to healthy growth and minimized breakage is moisture! Our primary focus, as naturals, is figuring out the regimen that will allow us to properly apply and retain as much of it as possible. Here are 3 moisturizing oils and 3 sealing oils worth putting to the test!  MORE

January 6 2016, 9:54AM CST

5 Beauty Benefits To Love By...

Ladies, did you know that lovemaking is proven to be one of the healthiest ways to improve your skin, nails, and hair?  MORE

December 29 2015, 5:15PM CST

New Year. New Do. New Attitude

Shaunequa was hesitant to transition last year, but a brand new year brings brand new hair (and possibly an updated attitude).  MORE