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January 29 2015, 7:51AM CST

Clumping: What It Is & Why Your Hair Will Love It

After years of being natural, I’ve finally found a way to wear my hair curly without subjecting it to tons of single-strand knots. I call it clumping. Some call it finger coiling. It's basically a way to section your hair, moisturize and seal  MORE

January 28 2015, 8:31AM CST


Can you believe that we are already one month into the New Year? Hopefully you are sticking to your intentions and resolutions, staying focused on all the good things you want this new year to bring—including a man.  MORE

January 27 2015, 8:27AM CST

The Time It Took an Entire Bottle of Olive Oil and Nearly a Whole Day to Detangle My Hair

YouTube came to the rescue when it came time to untangle my hair after taking my braids out. Well, that, plus a whole bottle of olive oil and hours upon hours—upon hours—of work.  MORE

January 26 2015, 8:53AM CST

Yaritza Reyes: A Curly Miss Universe 2013?

Yaritza Reyes was chosen from a total of 31 beauties to represent the Dominican Republic in the Miss Universe pageant. Transitioning Movement interviewed her about the pageant and her hair regimen. Read more about the natural-haired beauty here!  MORE

January 23 2015, 10:29AM CST

Q&A with Aevin Dugas—World’s Largest Afro

Normally when you think of the Guinness World Records, hair isn't the first category that comes to mind- did you know there is a record for the most t-shirts ever worn? Well, Aevin Dugas would have some difficulty fitting into 155 of them, because she is: the woman with the world's largest afro.  MORE

January 22 2015, 10:57AM CST

9 Buttons Women Should Avoid Pushing

Some words and actions do irreversible damage, and may have you finding yourself by yourself. Don’t go there. Here are 9 buttons women should never ever, ever, ever push in a relationship...  MORE