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FEATURES Jun 2 2012 3:29PM

Ways to Combat Thinning Hair

by Laquita Thomas-Banks All Naptural Blog Spot

Thinning hair can be caused by a number of issues, like constant tension on hair strands, heredity and stress. During your transitioning journey, if you began to notice thinning, consult a natural health professional and/or trichologist who can properly diagnose the problem.
Celebrity stylist and creator of the Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Workshops, Felicia Leatherwood, and Ansylla, CEO of My Hairitage Natural Hair & Wellness, who also conducts world-wide natural and holistic hair-care workshops, have shared the following causes and ways to combat thinning hair.
Both Felicia and Ansylla concur that stress plays a major role in hair thinning. Ansylla stated that exercise, relaxation and other techniques, help the body handle stress. “Just breathe!” Felicia added.
Many are conditioned to leaving the salon with tightly done styles, often going in prepared with aspirin in hand. They feel that the temporary face-lift and headaches that result from their hair being pulled back super tight comes with the territory. Tight styles can cause hair thinning as well as traction alopecia/baldness.
Felicia stated that thinning hair and hair loss can be caused by, “too much tension and pressure on the scalp due to improperly done weaves and braided hair styles.” She suggests asking the stylist not to pull so tightly when braiding your hair, as well as to hold your braided edges so that you don't lose your hairline.
Both Felicia and Ansylla suggest scalp massages to combat thinning hair. Felicia stated that, “lack of oxygen and proper blood circulation to certain areas of the scalp can cause hair thinning. “Massage your scalp with Black Jamaica Castor Oil 3–4 times a week,” says Felicia.
“Lay across the bed with your head hanging over the side as you massage your scalp a minimum of five minutes morning and night,” suggests Ansylla. She also recommends using stimulating oil blends. “Adding stimulating essential oils, like rosemary, to a carrier oil helps to promote blood flow,” she says. The oils can also be used as a hot oil treatment.
Ansylla also suggests that exfoliating is a way to combat hair thinning. “Remove build up and dead skin cells by adding a little organic brown sugar to a small amount of stimulating hair oil. Apply to scalp with a soft bristle tooth brush, gently exfoliating the scalp with circular motions. Shampoo and condition as usual,” she suggests.
“It’s not much you can do about genetics,” Felicia stated. Hair loss as a result of heredity is caused by dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which interacts with hair follicles that are genetically vulnerable to their effects.
The reason why baldness is associated with aging is because usually this hormone change in the body that causes hereditary hair loss doesn’t occur until later in life. However, hereditary baldness can begin when a person is in their early 20s.
Although Felicia is correct in stating that not much can be done about hair loss due to heredity or genetics, these tips as well as a healthy diet can help in preventing or slowing hair loss. Eating a sufficient amount of protein as well as getting the necessary vitamins and minerals and avoiding processed foods are very helpful as well.
“High blood pressure, thyroid and diabetes medications can definitely cause hair loss,” Felicia added.  “Biotin has been shown to promote growth and strengthen hair. Consult your health-care professional before taking any supplements,” Ansylla adds.
As you can see, stress, genetics/heredity, tension and poor diet can all play a role in hair thinning. However, during your hair journey if you take heed to the above tips you will be able to prevent and reduce hair thinning. Also if you are experiencing hair thinning, remember to consult a natural health professional and/or trichologist who can properly diagnose the problem.

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