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September 25 2014, 10:22AM CST

The Curl Presents: The Pompadour

In this episode of "The Curl", we present the history and easy guide to achieve the pompadour style, while some of your favorite natural hair bloggers share their candid and often hilarious hair stories.  WATCH NOW

September 25 2014, 10:22AM CST

How To Style The Perfect Bun-Hawk For All CD Kids!

Taylor Jae is back! Her mother teaches you how to easily style Taylor's hair after using our latest kids collection CD4Kids Trio.  WATCH NOW

September 25 2014, 10:20AM CST

How-To Get The Best Curly Results Using Carol’s Daughter Monoi Mask

One of our many naturally curly experts, Helecia, loves how rejuvenated her curls instantly feel after using our Monoi Repairing Hair Mask.  WATCH NOW

September 25 2014, 10:18AM CST

The Curl Presents: Porosity & The Chart

In this second episode of The Curl, we break down the real meaning of the word porosity. Also, you’ll hear tips on the best hair products for natural and all hair types. To repair your hair and end hair damage, you need to know your hair’s porosity.  WATCH NOW

September 25 2014, 10:16AM CST

The Curl Presents: In Search of the Perfect Moisturizing Oil

In this episode of The Curl, we discuss how natural hair can best absorb moisture, as well as different moisturizing oils to consider.  WATCH NOW