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November 16 2015, 8:59AM CST

Transitioning 101: Making Sure to Make All the Right Moves

Transitioning is like a second job. No one told me this. OK, I’m lying—everyone told me this, but I never believed it would be hard for me.  MORE

September 30 2015, 8:22AM CST

4 Fixes for Your Biggest Loc Letdowns

On my 27th birthday I Big Chopped, and after months of two-strand twisting, I ultimately decided to transition my strands into locs. My hope was to have an easier go at styling and growing out my mane; I wanted more freedom to not worry about my hair so much. Who knew that the hard part of this journey was yet to come?!  MORE

March 19 2015, 8:57AM CST

Say Goodbye To Dry, Cracked Winter Feet & Spring Out The Toes

Spring is in the air! Hello, exposed toes and heels!  MORE

February 2 2015, 9:00AM CST

Twist it, Tuck It, Bun It: My 3 Favorite Protective Styles for the Winter

Winter is here and cold temperatures are upon us. For me this means it’s time for protective styles and delays of my washdays! My three go-to protective styles are twists, tuck and rolls, and buns. I often do them in that exact order to help my hairstyles last longer and to keep my hair moisturized.  MORE

September 25 2014, 10:24AM CST

3 Hairstyles in One Week!

Keisha is a naturally curly girl who loves different hairstyles that are easy to change throughout the week. Check out how she achieves these styles.  MORE

June 30 2014, 9:05AM CST

Let There Be Life—Revive Those Lifeless Curls

What's a girl to do when she wants to revitalize her curls and keep them healthy? Through trial and error, Lianne Farbes made some home remedies that have worked for her over the years.  MORE