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FEATURES Jan 9 2013 1:15PM

How To Extend Your Twist Out

By Shanti of Around The Way Curls

Are you tired of putting in hours to achieve a twist out only to have it last a day? Are you losing hope in the idea that you may ever get a twist out that lasts more than three days? It's time to step back from your frustration and discover the many simple yet effective techniques that may help you achieve that long-lasting twist out you never had.
I have created the 4 Ps to twist out perfection!
Product Choice

Product Choice
When creating a twist out, your hair will respond best if you are using a moisturizer, sealer and defining gel or cream. If your twist out regimen is missing any one of these three needed products than you may have the culprit to your lack of definition retention. Your natural hair always needs moisture no matter what style you are attempting. Make sure you have a moisturizer by checking the ingredient label. Water or aqua will be listed as the first ingredient. Most leave in conditioners fall perfectly under the category of a "moisturizer". Secondly make sure you are sealing in that moisture by sealing with a oil or butter. Hair that is well moisturized and retains moisture will guarantee that it will hold the curl pattern definition of a twist out. The last and most important product selection is your choice of a defining gel or cream. If your hair easily holds a manipulated curl pattern than a gel or cream that reads  "soft" hold should suffice but if your hair requires a little extra umph to hold a curl pattern, be very selective and search for creams that claim a "strong hold" or holding products that make reference to being great for twist outs specifically. Finally, do not be afraid about laying that product on! Don't be shy! Apply a dolop more than you are comfortable with in order to get definite results. The stronger the hold, the longer the curl definition will last throughout the week.

During the actual act of twisting your hair, stop acting like a crazy person by repeating the same thing and expecting different results! Open yourself to new possibilities and implement them! If you have been doing a twist out with individual twists, try flat twists and see if they result in tighter, longer lasting curls. Play around with twist sizes. Larger twists equate to shallow waves while smaller twist result in tighter curls. Tighter curls usually lasts longer than looser waves. So when thinking about definition retention remember tighter and smaller twists and braids last longer.

When protecting your hair at night at the very basic level you should be covering your hair with a satin/silk scarf or bonnet. There are certain protective measures aside from that that can be taken to protect and prolong a fresh twist out. "Pineappling" your hair by placing it in a high LOOSE ponytail on top of your head is great. Your hair is protected from being mattted and flattened. In the morning a simple fluff brings the fierceness back. You may also opt to keep the the curl pattern pronounced by re-twisting your hair in thick, loose twists throughout your head which is much less time consuming than the initial twist ritual (if you are stretching your twist out to seven days "re-twisting" can be done every three nights. It is not necessary to be done every night).

Don't fight the natural progression that your hair takes you on as your twist out ages. Go with the flow of it. Normally your hair is super defined the first day, no frizz, shiny and perfect. The second day the frizz creeps up on you. Allow it! Hide the frizzy areas with a hair accessory or scarf. One the third day, you may have lost some more definition but your volume has expanded to a fierce, funky fro. Roll with it. Rock a big, puffy fro with twists and twirls from your defined curls as a accent. On the fourth day repeat. On the fifth day rock a cute updo, and on the sixth day opt out for a bun. Allow yourself to be inspired by the way your twist out progresses rather than frustrated that it doesn't look "perfect." Don't be a slave to a "perfect twist out."


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