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FEATURES Jan 14 2013 11:11PM

Tia's 2013 Transitioning Goals

by Tia Williams, Shake Your Beauty
So, this year was a pretty major year for me, hair-wise. After twenty-five years of relaxing my hair (every five months, like clockwork), I entered 2012 three months overdue for a perm and never looked back. Actually, that’s not true. I looked back quite a bit. Since I feel like we’re in a safe space here, I feel comfortable admitting that I spent a percentage of 2012 gazing longingly—achingly—at pics of me with my swingy, stick-straight , relaxed-beyond-measure blowouts. Transitioning hasn’t been easy, kids. Especially during the summer (think puffy, out-of-control roots, stringy, chemically-straightened ends, textures so disparate that my wash-and-go ‘do actually guffawed at me). But I’ve stuck with it, and now I have a full head of shoulder-length curly coils and I’m so very proud!
There is, of course, room for improvement. Which is where my 2013 Transitioning Goals come in. I feel like if I state them publicly, I’ll actually stick to them, so here goes: 
Wear your curls.
This has been a bit of a challenge for me. I love admiring my hair when it’s wet (where the hell have those lush ringlets been all my life?) but I still haven’t committed to wearing my new natural texture. I feel like it’s not long enough. My goal is to rock wild, mid-back, Jody Watley-mets-Denise-Huxtable moment, and since it’s nowhere near that long, I’ve simply continued getting blowouts. But this is ridiculous. This year, I plan to match my daughter (left) and proudly rock my curls!
Invest in a new steamer.
Mine broke this year, and I haven’t replaced it. But I need to. If you’ve never tried one (I’m a fan of Huetiful Hair Steamer), you must invest. This nifty little machine adds five times more moisture to thirsty natural strands. You simply load hair with conditioner, fill up the steamer with water and sit underneath for a good twenty minutes. You’ll notice a difference instantly.
Try Double-Strand Twists.
How can it be that I’ve never tried this? Again, I wasn’t really into wearing my natural hair this year, just growing it. But watch out 2013—tis the year I incorporate this funky-cool twists into my repertoire!
Ease up on heat.
I’m a heat freak. Flatirons, blowdryers, curling irons…all of it. The sad thing is, I continue to indulge even though I know that heat damage can permanently alter my curl pattern. So this year, I vow to ease up on this. If I want to rock a straight style, I’ll do a wet wrap and sit under the dryer. Or something.
Experiment with color.
Yay! Now that I’m natural, I have free rein to dip my toes in the dye pool. Super exciting, since I’ve always been drawn to honey-dipped highlights and Beyonce blondes, but couldn’t indulge because of my relaxer status. This year, I plan to be a bonafide haircolor chameleon.


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