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FEATURES Aug 29 2012 8:21PM

In The Beginning: Beauty By Nature

When I first started the Carol's Daughter line, my motives were purely selfish. I was a lover of fragrance since I was a small child, and initially I started out making fragrances for myself that were unique and different. I also had very dry skin and I wanted a moisturizer that would work and last. Those were my only two goals in the beginning.

As I began to sell my creams and fragrances at local craft fairs, women asked for products for their hair and when I said that I did not have hair products they would walk away from my table. That was not acceptable. So, I learned about oils and herbs and flowers that would be beneficial to hair and began making hair-care products. Through this I discovered that I had been settling when it came to my own hair. I finally had shampoo that did not make my hair feel like straw. I had oils to massage into my scalp to ease itching and dryness. It was wonderful, and I was so grateful to those women who walked away and moved me to create things that I did not even know I needed and now cannot live without.

My philosophy since the beginning has been "beauty by nature." Many people believe that slogan had to do with the products being made with natural ingredients, but it wasn't about that at all. It is about the beauty that is inherent in every single person. Beauty is God-given and cannot be put on or taken away, and without that inner beauty shining through, there is no outer beauty that is of any worth.

I have always wanted women to celebrate who and what they are and claim that beauty within them, regardless of what life throws at you, does to you, you are beautiful.

When Carol's Daughter began in 1993, that was the beginning of a movement then known as "going natural." We did not call it "transitioning" then because there was no transition. You cut your hair off or you locked or braided it and your transformation was instantaneous. This movement and the growth of my brand dovetailed and Carol's Daughter became the destination for women who were "going natural." I believe that when women and men made the choice to wear their natural hair, they began to look at what they put in their bodies and on their bodies differently. They wanted natural ingredients for their natural hair and I was their, cooking things up on my kitchen stove.

I have no regrets on the road my business has taken nor on the road it has taken me. But, I never intended to only be for natural hair. I started making products for my family and friends and they included those with natural hair, relaxed hair, curly hair, straight hair, thin hair, etc. I always wanted to be there for every woman. In the early days, it was harder to have that versatility and maintain inventory controls.

In the past three years of the brand, I have had the joy to develop many more products for hair that work on so many different styles and textures. It is like finally realizing a dream. I am so grateful to welcome ALL women to Carol's Daughter. Our mission is to provide you with choices and healthy hair. Even if you want to relax your hair, that is okay, but let's make sure it is healthy and that you have the right products in your arsenal for the proper care of your hair.

I have met so many women that feel intimidated by the natural hair movement. They feel "bullied" by what they perceive to be a "clique-like" mentality amongst some natural girls. I say, don't even pay it any mind. I believe that some of the naturalistas out there are so happy to be free of what for them was an arduous and tedious task that they want to convert every woman to their side. Hair can be a political conversation when we go back and look at our history and the sensitivities and emotions around that conversation are understandable. "Natural" is not for everyone, and there are many women who will always relax their hair, and that is how it is. What I want is for women to truly make a choice and not feel they "have to" do anything. When you don't have education, options, support, ideas, tips, etc., you will do what you have always done without knowing better.

This website, Transitioning Movement, and the Transitioning 1-2-3 kit came to be out of this desire to give women choices and information and to let her know that I am there for her. If you relax your hair, you are welcome here, too. Everything we talk about isn't always about hair. I am so appreciative of everyone who has been a part of this near 20-year journey that has been the Carol's Daughter brand. I have learned from you and you and I have always talked. These conversations have led to products like Hair Milk, Olive Oil Infusion, and Brown Sugar Scrub. So, let's keep chatting.


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